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Watercolor Paper Pad

$15.00 / each

High-quality, cold-pressed paper ideal for watercolor painting.

Description / Features:

Quality Material: 100% Cotton, a superior choice for watercolor painting due to its durability and smooth texture.

Acid-Free: The pads are Acid Free, which means the paper won't yellow or degrade over time, ensuring longevity for artworks.

Hot Press: Hot press paper is ideal for detailed work, but it can be used for various watercolor techniques.

Weight: The weight is "300gsm" (Grams per Square Meter). This is a heavyweight paper, indicating it can handle a good amount of water without warping or buckling.

Size: 10x14 inches, suitable for various artworks, from quick sketches to detailed paintings.

Packaging: The paper comes in a pad format, making it easy to tear off individual sheets.

QR Code: There's a QR code on the label which, when scanned, will provide additional information about the product.


Length: Approximately 14 inches.

Width: Approximately 10 inches.

Thickness (of the pad): Varies depending on the number of sheets, but likely between 0.5 to 1 inch.

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