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Acrylic Paint Set

$20.00 / each

Vibrant and fast-drying colors suitable for various surfaces.

Description / Features:

Comprehensive Color Range: The set boasts a wide array of 60 vibrant colors, ensuring artists have a full spectrum to work with for any project.

Premium Quality: As highlighted on the packaging, these are premium acrylic paints, offering high pigment quality and durability.

For Various Users: Designed for a wide range of users, from students to crafters to professional artists.

Easy Dispensing Tubes: Each paint color comes in an easy-to-squeeze tube, ensuring precise dispensing and minimizing wastage.

Clearly Labeled: Each tube is clearly labeled with the color name and other details, making it convenient for users to identify and choose.

Packaging: The set comes in a sturdy box for storage, keeping the tubes organized and preventing them from damage.

Convenient Storage Trays: Inside the box, the paint tubes are neatly organized in segmented trays, making it easier to view and select colors.


Individual Paint Tube:

Length: 4 inches.
Diameter: 1 inch.

Storage Tray (each):

Length: 10 inches.
Width: 6 inches.

Overall Box:

Height: 8 inches.
Length: 14 inches.
Width: 8 inches.

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